Freelance Employment


You have heard a lot of stories about people freelancing their way straight to success, some even to millions, and you may have read more about these successful freelancing ventures on various websites that populate the World Wide Web. Chances are, if you know where to look, you have read about a handful of true freelancing success stories based from the lives of real freelancers. But if you just happened to go through a website and believed everything you have read without assuring the credibility of the online source, you may be developing inhibitions or false ideas that can turn into surrealistic dreams about the advantages of freelancing if not corrected immediately.

Freelancing can actually offer you a sense of freedom that can't be provided to you by the conventional 9 to 5 slave-to-the-grind job you're holding right now. But keep in mind that freelancing requires discipline since you yourself decide on just how much productivity you need to come up on a daily basis in order for you and your family to avoid starvation, which, mind you, wouldn't be too healthy for your ideas of the prime advantages that you could gain from freelancing as of the time being. But this is generally true - you and your family could starve or at least be chucked out of your mortgaged home since improperly managing both your time in direct relation to your freelancing tasks would prove to be utterly disastrous. Keep in mind that you need to be consistent in delivering topnotch quality services at virtually competitive rates to your clients in order for them to continuously hire your services. Sounds such a big responsibility, huh?

But if you know how to manage your time and the freelancing tasks you have committed to do for your existing clients, all you need to do next is plan ahead on how to spend your free time - lots of it, with your family. This is the greatest freedom freelancing could provide you: handling your own time, being with your family 24-7 or at least almost everyday, earning more than a conventional 9 to 5 slave-to-the-grind job, and subsequently enjoying yourself in the process which still needs to be explained in minute and gory detail.

Finally, you need to choose the freelancing niche you will most likely enjoy becoming a part of since being focused requires every individual to actually be interested in the tasks that they are doing, or at least the tasks that they need to do on a daily basis. After all, amongst the most integral things freelancing can do for you would be to provide you with a means to earn and enjoy doing what you do best. Like they always say - get a job you love doing and never work a day in your life.

You should also consider making your freelancing efforts beneficial for your family aside from monetary issues. This means that you could be a freelance writer and let your children read your work most of the time or even read it to them if you happen to have young kids and work as a freelance writer of creative and inspiring stories intended for children, and you can let your wife create scrapbook collections of your photos in case your a freelance photographer during her free time. The key here is to make your family and friends part of your freelancing career without compensating for the amount of time and productivity you should consistently yield from your freelancing efforts in order to attain freelancing success through the most convenient and enjoyable manner for you.