Where to Start


For freelancing assignments, theres no shortage of requests for work and all you need to know is where to look and to establish your reputation in online community. Whether you want to start freelancing assignments as programmer, content development or a legal expert, you can have access to thousands of projects from any country. Establishing as a freelancer may take sometime before you cross the stage of inevitable dry spots in the business.

Most of the freelancing assignments are available online through registration with a portal. You can register with such portals as buyer or seller for free for basic services and pay nominal commission for the jobs accepted, however some sites do ask for some fee for premium services they offer. Members of the portal, whether buyer or seller, can rate each other on the basis of their experience while dealing with such person. Any positive or negative feedback history proves quite handy for users before deciding to deal with such person.

Recommended Essentials for starting as a Freelancer:

There are no entry level requirements for this profession. However, some countries may have licensing requirements for some sectors such as for radiologists reporting on x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans by looking at films.

First step before starting as freelancer is to assess the competition in the niche selected, size of market, its ability to absorb new players etc.

Promote your visibility as a freelancer:

Best resource on the net to get freelancing work is your profile. As a freelancer, you must work on promote your visibility in the marketplace. A website would help you a lot as where you can display examples of your work. Contribute article to relevant directories with your author information.

If you are a beginner, do some jobs as volunteer to help people notice you and rate your work.

Where to look for freelancing assignments:

Websites are very critical to the success of freelancers. While most portals allow any type of job to be floated, there are some specialized portals that offer assignments in a particular field only. Some resources for freelancing jobs are:

1. Some portals as Guru.com, Elance, Getacoder and Pajamanation, Rentacoder, Getafreelancer.com are some of the bustling marketplaces to look for the business. The bids at these sites are generally accepted by the method of reverse auction; however, those providing quality services need not under sell themselves. These sites also have extensive dispute resolving mechanism as arbitration or escrow account to protect participants from fraud.

2. Look for established freelancers. They generally subcontract part of their work.

3. Tutopia This portal provides freelancing jobs to teachers and is quite helpful for distance learning students across the globe. Registration is free. Remuneration can be quoted per assignment, or per hour basis. Some commission to the portal is payable at the time of award of a job to teacher. Skills like playing the piano, learning golf are available at this portal.

4. Industry Conferences and Trade shows: Not all the freelancing jobs are awarded online. Attending industry trade shows are a great way to get business for many freelancing jobs as legal experts, leadership consultants and motivational speakers where such freelancers are approached by impressed participants.

5. Online Consumer Magazines, Literary Magazines, ezines and Trade Journals source their requirements from freelancers. You may look for such journals that fit in your area of expertise. Not all such magazines pay well but they add to your prestige and improve your visibility on the net.

6. While browsing thorough various sites, try to notice if they are looking for writers. Most sites post their requirement of writers on their site. Simply chose a site which topic of your core competence.

7. You may find it hard to believe but resume writing and cover letters are one of the most paying freelancing jobs. You need to have expertise in writing chronologic and functional resumes.

8. ArticlesGratuits.com is another great resource for freelancing. The portal offers you to submit an article and fix its price. The portal offers you two options; one, you can offer the article for sale and the portal would charge 75% commission and second; it would share ad revenue with you.

Besides above, there are many sites that offer freelancing jobs in Translation, proofreading, software localization, subtitling, website development and other services. Choose a resource considering your core competence.